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makes fun in everyone's life
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DECE Chain is the next-generation blockchain main network platform that individuals or companies can use to easily establish DApp.

DECE Chain is a project that collectively refers to the concepts of DECE Coin, DKRW seeking transparent 1:1 collateral of won, and DGC, a user-owned coin, and is a participatory project that interacts with users.

We support easy and efficient digital asset management systems to companies through various and creative DApp services using a reliable and convenient encashment method.




    Reasonable exchange and
    DApp development expanse


    User friendly and
    intuitive UX/UI


    Fast transaction speed and
    high compatibility


  • Multi-signature

    Increased digital asset security
    through 'Multi-signature
    technology' that uses private keys
    to sign.

  • Multi-signature

    Able to implement any kind of
    contract imaginable using the
    DECE platform

    Provides conditions and content
    coding through independent
    programming languages

  • SRC-20

    Uses UTXO models in the
    computing layer of privacy through
    hybrid applications of UTXO and
    ACCOUNT models

    Supports Turing complete Smart
    Contract virtual machines by
    mapping logical equivalent
    ACCOUNT models

  • 60%
  • 25%
  • 10%
  • 5%
Token Allocation

DECE : DECE Token is an Equity token that provides the holder with an opportunity
to increase the value of the pure held coin through buy-back and incineration of
some of the revenue generated in the ecosystem.

DGC : DECE Governance Coin can be utilized in organizations that can make
decisions on behalf of the opinions of all interested parties to achieve common

DKRW : DECE Stable Coin, which can be exchanged with cash at all times, and can
be issued to individuals and companies through collateralization of stable
currencies such as USD and JPY.

  • User
  • Foundation
  • Partner
  • Team

DECE Wallet 2.0 provides users with an unprecedented wallet experience. It shows
the new horizon of blockchain wallets that we have all dreamed of, including a
pleasant usage environment based on excellent TPS, SWAP function between various
base coins, and easy Staking service with high efficiency.

DECE Wallet 2.0, a user centered bespoke wallet, is also accompanied by a
complete overhaul of UI/UX. Please look forward to the wallet that everyone wants
to use, the nextgeneration blockchain wallet that is scheduled to be developed in
2021 4Q.